What We Offer

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This service is provided for adults with physical, mental health or learning disabilities who would benefit from engaging in small group activities.


Homely Environment




Physical Exercise - Walking groups around West Yorkshire




Learn New Skills - i.e. Cooking, Baking or Bread Making




Community Trips - Trips have included the Howarth, Shopping in Leeds City Centre, Emmerdale Set, Coronation Street Set





The activity sessions are to support and develop the following:

  1. Managing physical health and well being  
  2. Developing confidence and self esteem
  3. Engagement with work and training activities
  4. Self - care skills
  5. Living skills
  6. Relationships and capacity to interact with others   
  7. Community involvement and social networks

Our Service:

The service operates 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. The times of the group sessions vary depending on the activity. Lunch and drinks are provided.  Transport could be available on request at an additional cost.

Our Team:

Groups are led by an Occupational Therapist with the support of volunteers. The founder is also a registered Occupational Therapist. The Commercial Director is a registered Social Worker. 


Referral Process

Referrals to Grace’s Place can be made by telephoning 07722 568651 or emailing a completed referral form to info@gracesplace.org.uk

The service will confirm with the referrer within 3 working days whether or not it accepts the referral as appropriate.

Structured feedback to the referrer will be provided on a quarterly basis.


Costs are:

Days Monday - Friday
Charge per day £50 per group session
Individual Session

£15 per hour & mileage of 45p


Once the referral has been accepted, fees are chargeable for all sessions attended. A reduced rate of 50% will be charged for any non-attendance.

All fees include lunch and drinks.

All cheques should be made payable to Grace’s Place.

Fees are subject to an annual review with effect from 1st April each year


Cancellation / reduction in attendance

All cancellations and reductions are subject to four weeks notice. It may be possible to swap sessions, subject to availability.



Invoices will be issued monthly and should be paid by return.